India’s Largest Consumer Electronics Retail Chain

Audience Profile:
More than 300 Store Staff and Store Managers
The WOW experience was missing because the Store Staff wasn’t able to connect with the customer in a better manner. They were low on confidence and lacked a standard sales pitch/process.
Our solution package comprised of:

  • Pre-training: Initial discussions, mystery audits, inputs validation, training team preparation, training material and logistics management
  • Training: Sales Star (2-day training program), participant handouts, future action plan
  • Post training: TTT for internal trainers, skill cards for participants
  • Follow up: Mystery audits, observation recording

Post the solution deployment the Store Staff was able to negotiate better with the customers.

India’s Renowned Food Retail Chain

Audience Profile:
More than 700 Store Staff
The Store Staff had no formal training of the sales process. The Staff came from varied background and because of the lack of product knowledge was not able to offer options to customers. Moreover, the customer connect was missing. And therefore, the Store Managers were not able to manage profitability of the stores
Solution comprised of:

  • Pre-training: Stakeholder discussions, mystery audits, assessments, learning path creation, content creation for each role/level, training team preparation, logistics management
  • Training: SOP orientation, knowledge tests, skill cards and book, action planning
  • Post-training: knowledge tests, on-job observation
  • Follow-up: Audits, R&R mechanism – prizes, refresher programs

The business has seen a tremendous improvement in overall customer experience

India’s Largest Passenger Car Manufacturer

Audience Profile:
Dealership staff (DSE, Lobby Manager, Accessories Manager, F&B Executive, Showroom Manager, Security, Valet, etc.) of more than 17,000 people
The entire brand needed a change in perception along with a complete transformation of the staff. The organization wanted to transform the complete dealership setup and experience along with an addition of new age technology to showroom
We provided the solution through:

  • Pre-training: Task analysis, personality and skill gap analysis, SOP remapping, phase-wise learning path creation, dynamic learning content creation, TTT with certification
  • Training: Classroom-based training, pocket cards, task analysis based action plan sheet
  • Post-training: On-job coaching, value cards distribution
  • Follow-up: Independent audits, discussion with mystery customers, development strategy re-alignment

Ever since the deployment of training, the Brand has seen a highly visible change in perception amongst its customers

One of India’s Top Mobile Phone Companies

Audience Profile:
More than 3500 frontline In Shop Demonstrators (ISDs)
As Android gained popularity, Micromax was positioned as a brand providing good quality at reasonable prices. Mass hiring took place through one of agency’s channel but the ISDs didn’t possess knowledge about product, possible competition, professional selling skills, and handling customers as per Organization’s expectations. ISDs’ personal hygiene, dress code and reporting was also major improvement areas
Our solution consisted of:

  • Pre-training: Extended store visits to understand roles, long-term learning plan creation, training deliver plan in-line with localization requirements, trainer pool creation, trainer boot-camp, multi-faceted content
  • Training: Delivery every month through a set calendar aligned to retail operations, train the route trainers, TTT
  • Post-training: Coaching activity in sync with route trainers, academy ecosystem creation after 12 months of training deployment, pre and post quiz on product knowledge
  • Follow-up: Certifications of various levels for ISDs, reward system, career progression mapping

Micromax observed a substantial growth in its market share post the training deployment