Hero Mindmine is one of the most progressive training organizations in the country. If you seek to work in a highly employee friendly organization, where dynamism and progression are the keys for the growth of the individual as well as our Organization, HMM has lots to offer you. With the Hero Group’s combined workforce of over 30,000 people, HMM is constantly expanding and the quest for bright, highly motivated, talented and experienced professionals continues.
With workforce training interventions, high recruitment standards, employee benefits and talent enhancement schemes, HMM is dedicated through its Human Resources and Time and Quality Management Services that build and sustain the strong foundations of an ever-growing Organization.
A strong believer in equal opportunities, the recruitment philosophy at HMM is a reflection of the Hero Group. With a high value placed on ethical practices, the Organization looks at individuals that are focused, high energy professionals that are looking at a long term association with India’s formidable auto brand “Hero”.